Board of Directors

Through active asset management, our goal is to ensure a superior experience for our clients, wherever they are based and whatever their investment needs.

Chief Consultant

Mr. Edward Hans

Company ambassador, known for his knowledge and experties.


Dr. Matteo Swayne

He is the Chief Excuetive Officer of Finance and Commercial Services, .

Executive Director

 Joanne Holding

She is Outstanding and goals driven to meet up with investors expectation.

Executive Director

Paul Anthony Teasdale

Senior Board member of the company

Director of Finance

Sir. Roy Willams Fisher

known for professionalism in the field of finances also, responsible for overseeing the financial operations and financial planning of financialandcommercials company.

Head of Operation

Hans Peter

A chartered financial analyst (CFA) with 6 years of experience.

Financial Advisor

Elizabeth  Hartford

10 years experience as a finance advisor, offers client a big picture analysis of their finances. she break down different aspects of a client's financial life, including assets, expenses and income, and help them create a financial plan to reach different types of goals.


  • A designated investment scheme for individuals; a sort of target savings account
  • A Pool of funds which is invested largely in long tenured debt instruments such as Bonds, Treasury Bill and Equities
  • with an option of multiple contributions after initial deposit to boost your total return on investments (ROI
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Meeting clients’ financial goals is our success. Our security-backed loans offer a reduced risk, greater flexibility in repayment to meet demands for additional collateral when implemented wisely.

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Financial Advisor

Running out of money in retirement is devastating, and many struggle to plan for retirement on their own. Investors can benefit from having an investment adviser they can trust. At financial and commercials Investments, we think you should receive the best investment advice. we are know for professionalism with over 2,000 customers in our databas, you know that Fisher Investments can help you identify your investment goals and create a holistic plan to help you achieve them. In this process.

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